EURO 2016 might seem like a bleary summer memory now but as the International scene starts to rear its turbulent head, a slice of brilliance pops up that has celebration embroidered all over. A tailored tribute to Portugal's Euro win, the work of ELDEJO has marked the occasion.

Finished up and ready to go again, it's an offering that embodies fandom. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a thing of the past, these days it's about getting out the sewing machine and going to church in pronouncing yourself as a passionate fan. Nothing speaks louder than the essence of embroidery. This number from Eldejo is a reversible vest made from Portugal fan scarfs that were on sale during the tournament.

Some description

Some description

Naturally the reverse carries the name of a man so pivotal to Portuguese football, Cristiano Ronaldo. Eldejo explains, "The scarf side is inspired by Portuguese azujelo tiles, therefore, the pattern is squared. The coloration on front is inspiration by the Portuguese flag. The reverse gold side is the victory side, with jacquard filigree pattern as seen in many azujelo tiles. It's name and numbered for Ronaldo, the back of which is a crowned tribute with Maltese cross on top. The front is embellished with found pins to give it that extra regal touch. "

Something made out of nothing that truly marks a moment. I wonder what that moth is up to now...

You can see more work from Eldejo here.