Plucked from the relative obscurity of French football’s Ligue 2, PSG youth product Kévin Cabral is now getting set for his second season at one of Major League Soccer’s highest profile clubs, LA Galaxy.

Arriving as one of the club’s three designated players, as allowed by the league’s DP rules, Cabral spent last season getting accustomed to a new way of life at LA Galaxy, surrounded  as he was by a new team and a completely new culture. Now he’s set for a second season, primed and ready. Catching up with the attacker on Venice Beach with the club’s new Primary Jersey acting as a focal point, we discussed his move, his new surroundings and the challenges that lie ahead.

In your words, how does it feel and what is it like to be an LA Galaxy player?

It’s amazing. It’s an honour. It’s my second year at the club and I’ve fallen in love with every part of the club. The club, the city of LA, the fans that are here – it’s a special place to play football.

Going from Paris to LA, what were your expectations versus reality?

I remember being in Paris and thinking about teams like LA Galaxy. You’d only see pictures of Los Angeles in photos and in movies. Los Angeles really is amazing. My expectations were already high but when I joined and came to LA, the reality was even greater. It’s like something that happens in video games rather than real life…

These surroundings, to play football in them… must feel like you’re living in a movie?

Yes, definitely. It’s all a movie. It’s like a game of FIFA in real life. Before I came to LA I used to play as LA Galaxy on FIFA. To now be here, it’s an amazing moment.

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What have you made of the MLS since you came over?

It’s so competitive. I was really impressed by the level ever since I joined. I grew up at the PSG academy so there was a lot of talent around me as a player at a young age. That’s always helped my development. This is the same in the MLS – there’s so much healthy competition. There’s a good level of intensity at LA Galaxy which is so good for me.

Wearing the no. 9 jersey, that’s a statement. How do you feel about that?

The number 9 is special. It’s a big role. Ibrahimovic had this number before me so that adds a little bit of pressure when you go out on the pitch. Naturally people will compare you but that pressure is good for me and for my game. When you see your name, that number, on this shirt there is a level of pride too. I like the pressure and I like the privilege of wearing such a number.

Douglas Costa, Chicharito… There’s so much experience between those two alone. What’s it been like to learn from them?

I was on the pitch with them both in a recent pre-season friendly. They are big stars and it's a pleasure to play with them. I’m always looking to learn more from them so I’m hoping I can keep asking for advice and keep improving my game. It’s amazing to be around players like that – it’s only going to be good for me in raising me to that next level.

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The new jersey, how does it feel to put that on and think about a strong season wearing it?

I love the new jersey. A new jersey for a new season and a new challenge. We want to get into the playoffs in this, that’s the objective. We want to win as much as we can, we want to win the league in this.

You’re living in Redondo beach and have Venice beach just down the road – the settings are worthy of a successful season aren’t they?

It’s not a bad backdrop at all is it? The sun, the beach, all these people – it’s a perfect place. I love it here. I’ve got my brother out here with me too and I hope more of my friends and family can come out to experience it. While I’ve been out here going into my second season, it wasn’t possible for many people to come out because of covid. I’m looking forward to sharing this place with them.

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Are those settings reflective of your personality? How would you describe yourself?

I’d say I’m a little reserved. But when the time is right, I will speak up. I like to think about things. I’m a passionate person but I like to keep a calm exterior. Things change when you get onto the pitch.

You’ve shown vibrancy in your celebrations during pre-season, we can see how things change on the pitch like you say…

It’s a french clip that inspired those celebrations. I’m hoping there’s a lot more opportunity to bring celebrations out like that this season.

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