A heavyweight clash of Westside anticipation arrived at the weekend as LA Galaxy hosted cross-city rivals LAFC for the first time in their history. A rivalry week showdown with the drama of last month's 4-3 match still fresh in the air. This is El Trafico.

The first ever clash between the two LA sides came in July when LAFC threw away a 3-0 lead to lose 4-3 at home to LA Galaxy – a game which saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring twice on his debut. It's the Galaxy that retain the bragging rights in their rivals' inaugural season as they held their visitors to a 1-1 draw at a sold out StubHub Center with Carlos Vela's second half penalty cancelling out Zlatan's opener.


From tailgate tensions of the pre-match party, to the scenes in the stands of football's youngest rivalry, we went from the streets to the seats to capture the action. It's still chapter one in LA football rivalry but the story is off to an electric start in what is sure to be one of the most competitive derby games in MLS future. 

la-derby-framed-39-min.jpg la-derby-framed-41-min.jpg la-derby-framed-43-min.jpg la-derby-framed-19-min.jpg la-derby-framed-21-min.jpg la-derby-framed-23-min.jpg la-derby-framed-25-min.jpg la-derby-framed-27-min.jpg la-derby-framed-29-min.jpg la-derby-framed-31-min.jpg la-derby-framed-33-min.jpg la-derby-framed-35-min.jpg la-derby-framed-37-min.jpg la-derby-framed-1-min.jpg la-derby-framed-3-min.jpg la-derby-framed-5-min.jpg la-derby-framed-7-min.jpg la-derby-framed-9-min.jpg la-derby-framed-11-min.jpg la-derby-framed-13-min.jpg la-derby-framed-15-min.jpg la-derby-framed-17-min.jpg
la-derby-framed-40-min.jpg la-derby-framed-42-min.jpg la-derby-framed-44-min.jpg la-derby-framed-20-min.jpg la-derby-framed-22-min.jpg la-derby-framed-24-min.jpg la-derby-framed-26-min.jpg la-derby-framed-28-min.jpg la-derby-framed-30-min.jpg la-derby-framed-32-min.jpg la-derby-framed-34-min.jpg la-derby-framed-36-min.jpg la-derby-framed-38-min.jpg la-derby-framed-2-min.jpg la-derby-framed-4-min.jpg la-derby-framed-6-min.jpg la-derby-framed-8-min.jpg la-derby-framed-10-min.jpg la-derby-framed-12-min.jpg la-derby-framed-14-min.jpg la-derby-framed-16-min.jpg la-derby-framed-18-min.jpg

Photography by Devin L'Amoreaux for SoccerBible.