BackRoad Gee is a rapper that’s bridging the gap between drill and grime. After a pivotal year in 2020, bookended by two massive hits that showed his range, he’s now enjoying his own type of Utopia, and that placed him as a prime player for a place in our latest special edition print publication, SoccerBible Volumes.

Pure presence, that’s BRG. Having enjoyed a good few years making and breaking his way onto the scene, he’s a man who continues to rise and is grateful for the process while hungry for the future. Very much someone living in the present and determined to soak it all up, still buzzing from being part of a campaign with Skepta, it’s all about a positive summer of progress for this proper, proper Gee.

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Let’s start with your connection to football, how into it are you?

I like played it. I think back to everything David Beckham. I remember that stage was crazy. That's why I actually like football even though I still don't understand all the details and the stats of it. I just like the game of it all. When someone would ask me “What team do I support?” I would say David Beckham. [laughs].

Just like your music, do you like how it can bring people together?

Oh yeah 100 percent. When we're paying it in school on the field it's lovely. I love playing football and when the big tournaments role around - that’s the dope stuff man. When you do that, as well, within the community it's a lovely stuff man. It's a shame you have to wait every two - four years for it. We need more of those times when everyone comes together.

We’re seeing football shirts get more into that space that basketball jersey’s have owned for a while – do you like that?

I think that comes from my generation. We are going through a stage where the football jerseys are fashion. Wearing a football top with jeans and Jordans is real. Style is evolving and I like where football is going in that space.

Can you see the way people look at musicians and how they look at footballers, as icons, in the same way and the similarities between the two?

I can. I can grasp it. I understand it. I like seeing those two worlds come together because it’s new. I’m always striving for new.

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What did you dream much as a kid? Were you much of a dreamer?

I dreamt a lot as a kid. When I was growing up understanding life, I stopped dreaming and more lived it. I want to make my dreams a reality. I’m all about going off and making things happen. 100 percent – that is my outlook.

When did music actually come into your life? When was the introduction?

It's always been in my life. I've always been making music from a young age. The real question is when did I take it really seriously. I took it seriously around 5 years ago and then I went quiet with some life stuff. Now I am just back again and I'm here to stay.

Have you always had that creative edge then? Even as a kid?

I was into every type of music as a kid, I listened to everything. I remember a lot of Congolese music in the house, we had music from everywhere – American, UK, everywhere. UB40 was my favourite. I love them boys.

What elements of a Congolese background do you love to celebrate?

Everything all about it. Where my whole African heritage comes from I love it to bits. I feel very in tune with what goes on in my country. I love my country alot and I can't wait to get back there.

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Do you think with that background and mixing it with growing up in England is a nice way of things coming together. Do you think it created something new in you?

It just made me be able to be myself. There is so much data that's locked in my head. I can play with that data, make it my own and explore the world with it. Taking influence from different cultures can only make you stronger.

You have had so much backing from such a variety of different sounds and musicians. How much has that meant to you on a personal level?

A lot. It meant the world to me because I never thought it would be possible. People that I still look up to to this day people. People I used to grow up listening to religiously. I would finish school, go back home and sit on my PC and watch YouTube all day. Now I'm sitting in the same room as these people and they acknowledge me as one of them. It's overwhelming. You can never really grasp that, it still feels weird.

What keeps you humble and keeps you real. Who are those people that you have had those kinds of experiences with?

Everyone down to Getts, Chipmunk, JME, Skepta... I can go on for days. Everyone that has supported me on my journey. Whether it's a word of wisdom or just the acknowledgement – I appreciate that.

What has that journey been like? How did you get signed? That doesn't happen to everyone.

It's crazy, I'm not signed, you know. Everyone thinks I'm signed. You need a really good team that believes in what you're doing and your journey. Everyone plays their position do you know what I mean? It's about getting the vision out there and having a go at the end of the day. Knowing what we're trying to do. Me and my team have a great understanding of what we're trying to do and where we are trying to go.

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How would you describe the ambition aware you want to go?

The sky's the limit bro. I would like the people to stick with me, be on the journey and some things will unravel themselves in due time. It’s been a good journey and in a lot of aspects my life has changed a lot and in others it hasn’t… Actually what I am talking about that's bullshit. Life has changed and its fucking lovely, it's beautiful. I'm still in it right now so it's hard to talk about it. It’s important to live in the present. I just thank God.

With the work that you have done and the music you have created we are not talking small numbers. You have millions of plays on your tracks...

Respect. I just want to keep going man. I appreciate all the support. I don't really watch the numbers like that, it's not really my thing. I feel like if I was to watch the numbers I wouldn't want to be in that place. I feel like it would cloud you and it becomes about that. My team is on that kind of thing, I hear about everything but try and keep my mind focused on the music, purely.

I am more invested in the music more than anything. It's been crazy over the last year man. I don't know how it was for other but for me I'm different to a lot of people. My method of making music is different to a lot of people. I take pride in what I do. I want to get out there and perform. “Let the doors open for the people. Let them know what a real show is!”

Given all that you have achieved, your ambitions looking forward, what is the next big thing that you want to achieve in the next year?

There's a lot I want to achieve in the next year but I am more of a doer. When I talk about those things I feel like I'm cheating myself. But if people stick with me they won't be disappointed. There's big, big things to come and they will keep on coming. We are here to stay. When I think back to football, the journey is one I’ve got to take in all aspects of - I appreciate every moment. The wins, the losses, I treat them all as one.

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