At just 19 years old, Bukayo Saka has established himself as not just a first team regular at Arsenal, but as one of the first names on the team sheet. With an FA Cup win and an England debut under his belt in the last 12 months, it’s a whirlwind story that’s in focus for the latest episode of UNMARKED, our podcast with the boys from Out Of Home.

The latest episode of UNMARKED is with one of the most exciting and enigmatic players to burst onto the scene in the last 12 months. A supremely impressive talent, Bukayo Saka has brought energy back to Arsenal, underlined by winning the club’s player of the month award for a third time in a row. A young man who is showing big appreciation for the journey, he has taken his moment and run with it, all the way into Gareth Southgate's England squad. 

For the latest episode of UNMARKED, our podcast that brings you conversations with footballers in their natural element, talking about life on and off the pitch, their interests and more, fresh off his official announcement as a New Balance athlete, we get to know the man behind the player, get some background on what it was like growing up, and dig into his mindset. With three of the four hosts being self professed Gunners, it was a talk that was easy on the ear, offering a refreshing angle on a player that has so far reserved most of his talking for the pitch.

Speaking of the hosts, UNMARKED is presented by 'Out Of Home' – a collective of four Londoners based in Amsterdam who ask real questions that real fans want to hear – it’s a chance to celebrate black culture in football and shine a light on poignant social issues in the game.

When I was young I had so much energy and I couldn’t stay in my house and read a book when there was a football around."
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It all happened so fast. I’ve never really just sat down and looked at everything because everything’s still happening… there’s games every three days, so you don’t really get the time to sit back and look at stuff like my England debut. I just need to find time to look back at it and see how far I’ve come in the last 18 months. But I want to keep progressing throughout my whole career, so maybe I’ll do it at the end of my career."
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A lot of players [took me under their wings] but a special mention for David Luiz, because he still does now. He has so much experience – he’s won the Champions League, he’s played in the World Cup and he always takes the time to go and speak to all the youngsters, and not just on the pitch, but off the pitch too."

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