At the top of the game, the demands of professional athletes are extreme. Sacrifices through to supreme pressures, extreme highs are matched with elite expectation. Sam Kerr is one player who has continued year on year to taken on the game on a global level. Owning her lane in both Australia and America, her move to the UK was met with a wealth of excitement only to be stunted by the force of Covid-19. We spoke to her about the move, a new chapter and life in London in the latest episode of our

Owning her lane in both Australia and America, her move to the UK was met with a wealth of excitement only to be stunted by the force of Covid-19. Perhaps the only thing to stop this player from scoring is a pandemic. Every single level including international tournaments, Sam Kerr has turned heads. A prolific goal scorer, it is in her own words that she's almost tired of winning MVP awards without a league medal. In a winter move to WSL giants, Chelsea, Kerr has not only already bagged two trophies but she's moved across the planet England's capital. A season halted and a series of global striking events later means that we are now back in a place when we can eargerly await her return to the pitch.

With a human mindset, conscious of the experiences that have moulded her, grateful for companionship and switched on in her approach to helping elevate the women's game that Sam speaks with such likeable eloquence. Her delivery is on point, striking and poignant.

A striker who wants to make a change and move the game forward, it's about no longer looking at the 'Women's' game as exactly that. It's about losing the gender-related tags and raise the level of expectation from an audience who thrive on football. Kerr doesn't want to be known as a "female" footballer, moreover, simply a "footballer". Her message is strong though accessible. It's one we can all support when a fresh season starts again. Like a bottled rocket, we explore the early experience of England, the shift in mentality and hunger for what's to come, all in the relaxed yet candid format that has become the trademark of ‘The Dial Up’.

I feel lucky that I'm healthy, my family is healthy and while my life went from a fast pace to now staying in one place, locked down. in London, I'm grateful for the experience.”
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I think that's what I've missed most...whether it's me scoring or the raw emotion after a goal or after a win - I think that's what most footballers are missing. Watching the Premier League return when it did, it's just not the same without the fans. We've all realised once again just how important fans are to football. We've definitely been celebrating goals in a big way in training."
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