Fresh off of Liverpool’s first league title win in 30 years, Virgil van Dijk picked up the phone for the latest instalment of ‘The Dial Up’, lifting the lid on the title celebrations and offering up his opinion on life in general.

Boss. A word that has several connotations, especially around Liverpool, but a word that couldn’t be better suited to Virgil van Dijk. Since joining Liverpool two and a half years ago, the centre back has been part of the transformation at the back that has seen the team go on to win the Champions League, Super Cup, Club World Cup, and now the Premier League. While it’s not all down to the Holland captain, he’s certainly helped.

Following Liverpool’s title win we spoke to ‘big Virg’ about that night, watching on with the team as history was written without the team kicking a ball, before delving into his seemingly unshakeable mentality and aura of cool and calm. Naturally that led us on to his taste in music – something we’ve spoken about with him before – and the importance of it on his life, as well as touching on his taste in fashion. And rest assured folks, his Travis Scott Dunks are OK…

[Liverpool means] togetherness. Since I joined the club two and a half years ago I felt that immediately. The manager has been very important for that, making sure we’re all one and going in the same direction. If you want to achieve certain things then you have to be. That’s what I felt from day one"
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Well I try to look cool at times. I think from experience, I’ve learnt that how you show yourself on the pitch, how you appear on the pitch, people are looking at you and seeing how you play, and I think it can frustrate people – strikers in my case – if they think that you’re not even trying"
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Music is very important in my life. There’s so many different types of music that I like. That’s the beauty of it as well; sometimes it hits you a little bit more, at certain times when you struggle, and music can help you. That’s my feeling"

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