Whenever Paul Pogba touches back down in Paris, he strides through arrivals as a World Cup winner. That'll never change. This is a city that has a lot of love for one of their own, and as he's back in town for the adidas Tango League we grab some time with the Manchester United midfielder to talk street football, home comforts and style.

Paul, how does it feel to be back in Paris for an event like this? There's a lot of love for you here...

It’s always a pleasure for me to come back to Paris and especially for the Tango League. There are many talented young people who dream of becoming a professional player one day. It reminds me of myself when I was younger and when I would play in the street with my friends. It’s a really good initiative from adidas.

When you come to an event like this, does it remind you how much talent there is on the street football scene?

Of course street soccer is a basis. It’s where I started when I was in Roissy with my friends. We often played together, we tried to develop skills. We played the game of dreaming of what we could become in the future. Street soccer is really a basis for me. In street soccer games you can find so many talented players.


What lessons of street football stay with you for life, both on and off the pitch?

Today, I use the experience I gained playing street soccer, of course. It can be seen in my playing style. I really like dribbling, directing the game. Dribbling is part of my game and I love it. I can be a technical player. My favourite move is the Elastico. That’s the best move for me. It is hard to do it during a match but when It works you can dismiss the opponent player and it can also be an efficient move - that’s a move you learn when playing in small spaces like they do in the Tango tournaments.

There’s a touch of swag that comes with these adidas Tango events. Do you like to see players who have a level of style and confidence?

It’s good to show your personality and the way you are. It's starting to be more and more common in football I’d say.

When you’re not playing football, do you follow trends or do you like to see yourself as someone who makes trends?

No, I give the beat, always! I’ve always loved fashion. I take after my mum. I love clothes, vibrant colours. Colours that few people could pull off, that’s what I like to wear. I wear clothes that other people don’t like to wear! I like to be different from the others.


Let’s talk music. What songs have had an impact on you this year?

I can’t think of only one song. I’ve been listening to a lot of different albums. I like afrobeat, I like American music, I like French hip-hop. My taste changes all the time. My top three songs would be Ramenez la Coupe à la maison by Vegedream! (French World Cup anthem), Going Bad by Drake and Zeze by Kodak Black and Travis Scott.

Is it important for you to come back home, to the place where you grew up?

Yes, it is always important. This is where my family is. When I play football in Manchester, I don’t really get to see my family. I come back to see my friends as well. I don’t really go out, but I am here to see my friends. I always say that when I come back to see my family, I’m coming back to where I started, where I grew up in my neighbourhood. I see my friends and it makes me feel better morally. Coming back, it means I can recharge so that I go back to work full of energy.

Finally, what could we wish for you for this new 2019 year?

That I win! That I play and I win!

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