Moise Kean is new generation all over. The first player born in this millennium to play in the Champions League, and to play and score in one of Europe's top five major leagues. His name is already written in the new testament of football, but at just 18 years-old it's his next moves that will surpass the hype of his introduction.

Dropping in for another first, the Juventus teenager kicks off the inaugural 'SoccerBible Sessions' by filling the chair with a potential that's on the very cusp of being unlocked and fully appreciated by the game. Talking us through his journey to date, Kean touches on his footballing upbringing and the route he took to be sat in front of us as one of world football's most exciting talents and a senior Italy international.

A modern style-conscious player finding that balance of being influenced but not led, and as he passes through that rapid transitional period from prospect to player, Kean has his next chapters to write. Each day is a new page, the only focus is the future, and each time the whistle blows the past becomes irrelevant.

I started playing when I was little, for a team called Don Bosco, but then I stopped playing for a while because I used to arrive late for training because my mother could not take me. I used to arrive at the end of training and maybe only play two minutes in the match before it was all over. So I stopped believing in football for a while."
My brother's manager saw me playing and asked my brother if I could come for a trial at Asti. I scored four goals in the trial and two weeks later he picked me up from school and took me to Torino, but I didn't know where we were going. The trial went well and immediately after training they gave me a Torino kit."

A player with composure but an underlying assured confidence who knows his success will be determined by his own hard work. Before we close off the session Kean adds; "What is coming will be even better than all I have done so far." Time to make it count.

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