How’s banging in a first-half hat trick in your nation’s Euro 2022 opener as an expression of power? That’s how Grace Geyoro chose to announce herself against Italy, last weekend. Now you can see how we chose to introduce her for SoccerBible Volumes: ‘All Power’, our latest print publication that encapsulates every aspect of power from the women's game.

When you talk about power in the modern game, one name should always be part of the conversation: that of Grace Geyoro. A captain who leads by example, she’s a warrior on the pitch, setting the tempo of a game and controlling proceedings in true midfield-maestro fashion. Know that age old cliché of being able to grab a game by the scruff of the neck? Yeah, that’s right up there in her “special abilities” list.

Geyoro was key to guiding PSG Féminine to their first-ever league title last year, and now she has her sights firmly set on glory with the national team. France are currently ranked third in the world and so come into this summer’s tournament as one of the favourites, but their toughest opponents are likely to be themselves. If the squad can galvanise though, then you certainly wouldn’t bet against them, and chief among that charge will be Geyoro.

To limit your observations of Geyoro to just her performances on the pitch is to miss the person behind the player though; away from the white lines, she doesn’t so much lead as she does simply tread her own path, as evidenced by her explorations in fashion. But then what is it to lead if not do what is right for you? Therefore, by definition, if you’re not following you’re leading, even if it's only yourself. See? A natural leader, even without trying.

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You have reached new heights as far as your game is concerned – could you tell us about the work you have had to do to reach that level?

Today we have the possibility with Paris Saint-Germain to be able to train every day during the training sessions on the pitch or even indoors – we have a lot of facilities that enable us to meet our requirements and our targets. We’re lucky to have an environment that is built to help us win.

What is it like to grow up and play football here in France and to want to make a career of it?

For me it had been a dream since I was a little girl, I started playing football when I was eight. From a young age I was playing football with boys and gradually it became my job. Today it’s my passion before anything else, so I am proud when I see how far I have come and I really hope that it will continue.

What about the evolution of you getting to the level you have, how would you say things have changed?

I was lucky when I was younger to have people around me who always pushed me and encouraged me – for me it was a passion but to see that other people can see your talent and push you forward. I often say that I have been lucky that way and today to see how big women’s football has become it makes me proud because when I first started there was nothing and today you can watch matches on TV and earn a living from it so it has evolved enormously.

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Between the time you signed your first professional contract and when you were selected for the first time for the French team, what has been the most important moment of your career so far?

I think that the most important moment for me would be when I signed. I went from amateur to professional football and to realise that it has become your job and that you earn a living just…it’s a moment you’ve been training all your life for. I think that was a lasting high point for me.

What in your mindset helps when setting new targets?

I feel like I have this ability to keep looking for more. I am competitive and I always want to reach my goals. I have made a lot of sacrifices to get to where I am today and that’s what pushes me to tell myself that I cannot stop when things are going so well. I can’t get comfortable – I must carry on and because it’s my passion I get a huge amount of pleasure from doing what I do and all these things go together. It motivates me to go forward and to carry on.

Talk to us about reaching international heights – what does it feel like to be in the French team?

It makes me feel proud to be able to represent my country especially at international level - to play against great nations and to be able to represent the French team, it’s an honour.

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Is there a good atmosphere with your teammates?

Yes there is a good atmosphere. Even though we all come from different clubs, when we are together we really have a great time. We wear the badge, the shirt of the French team so it’s an honour for all the players in the team.

How do you feel about going to England this summer?

Quite excited because it’s an important competition, it’s the Euros and we know that we want to win a title with the French team. We will do everything we can, at least I hope, to win our first title.

Are you someone who prefers to relive memories or live in the moment?

A bit of both. When you have good memories remembering them is always nice but at the same time I also like to live in the moment. It’s important to take the best from every moment but never lose that hunger or ambition to go in search of new memories.

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What one game do you think has had the biggest impact on you? Which is the memory you cherish most?

I would say when we won the title as French champions last year… the last game, it was a tremendous feeling because it was our first title of Champions of France – that last match will stay in our memory especially our explosion of joy at the end. So I would pick that match.

What other dreams do you have on the pitch?

I would have to say to win a World Cup with the French team. It’s one of my biggest dreams. I want to make that happen.

Away from the pitch you like fashion – to what extent does it help you express your personality, through what you wear?

Today I think that in fact I like to discover, I am not really focused on one particular style. Sometimes I like to wear things that are ‘of the moment’ and it’s something that I like. I like to explore things that make me feel good when I go shopping or clothes that look good when I go for a walk. I would say exploring fashion is one of my other passions away from football.

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How would you describe your style? A bit versatile?

I would say that I like to be relaxed. I often wear casual tracksuits but at the same time I like to wear jewellery, so casual chic. I am not sure that it exists but that’s what I would say.

Do you have any idols, people that you admire?

In football I would say Cristiano Ronaldo since I was little. He exudes strength, hard work, he does not give up even today at this stage of his career it’s really exceptional, so for me it has to be Cristiano Ronaldo.

Would you like to be like your idols and do you see yourself playing a role with the next generation?

Of course I would like to be like them in my work. To do what they have been able to do and achieve what they have been able to achieve because today they are players at the top of world football. They set an example. They give the strength to young people to think ‘we want to do the same as them’ and in that sense, I would like to be able to do the same thing.

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