Kylian Mbappé has won the World Cup, he's scored in the final, and he's 19 years old. He's only just getting started. He's a new-generation talent with a fearless attitude and a stylish approach to his game. The perfect presence to front a fresh take on football as PSG launched their ground-breaking collaboration with the Jordan brand.

After backing the on-pitch hype with summer success in Russia, it's off-pitch hype that Mbappé is leading into the new season as he hit up Paris to help launch the new collaboration between his club and Jumpman. We sat down with the man of the moment to get his take on this landmark partnership between football and basketball.


Kylian, what was your reaction when you first found out that the Jordan brand would be getting involved with PSG?

I was proud, very proud because it’s a great opportunity for us to represent Jordan across the world, so for me it’s first and foremost a feeling of pride and I hope we will be able to honour that shirt this season.

When and how did you first find out about the collaboration?

Last year, before I joined the club the president mentioned it to me and I was immediately excited about it. It wasn’t confirmed yet, but he talked about it and how it was close to happening. That’s when I found out, before I joined the PSG.

What do you think of the new collection?

It’s great! It’s very elegant, very classy, we’ll look very good wearing those on and off the pitch.

Why do you think the Jordan brand chose PSG to do that collaboration?

You should ask Jordan! I think Paris has a lot of assets and is a great fit to do something like this, that’s probably what interested Jordan.

PSG has to be the coolest club in the world right now, what do you love about this club that makes it so attractive?

It's more than being just a great club, I think PSG is a club with values, who cares about those values. It’s a club in an incredible city with fantastic supporters who follow us everywhere. It’s also a club that wins.


Are you a basketball fan? What’s your relationship like with the sport?

I like basketball, I’ve been playing NBA 2K lately! I’m playing with Lakers.

You’ve met a lot of basketball players, what do you admire about them?

We share a lot, we share our experiences. They have much more experience than I do so I learn a lot from them. Even though it’s a different sport, the sensations and the state of mind are the same: winning and having fun. Talking with them gives me a different vision, it’s important to know how other athletes feel and to have a chance to learn from them.

Do you see similarities between basketball players and football players in their lifestyles and mentality?

There are a few, but the two sports are very different. Basketball is really a show, I see it as a performance. When you attend a basketball match it’s like a show: there are the players, the half-time show, the atmosphere… football in comparison is more about the game, people come to see a match, there’s a lot of fun in football too but it’s two very different sports.

Nike have had some huge iconic players across all sports: Cristiano Ronaldo, R9, Michael Jordan, do you see you yourself following in their footsteps?

I need to prove myself on the pitch, that’s the first step, then I can plan for the future but of course, everyone would dream of following into their steps, they are legends, role models. But it all starts on the pitch, only the pitch.

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