Kieran Trippier is one of those players who has broken fresh ground as he’s carved his way into the England set up. A defender who has risen through the ranks, the 2018 World Cup is his chance to perform on the biggest stage. Ready to savour the moment and make his mark, we talk through those essentials he’ll be taking to Russia.

When do you think you’ll add England International to your Twitter bio and how mad a position is that to be in? 

I’ll do that soon. It’s not a thing I’ve thought about but it’s crazy to be in the situation I’m in now where I made my debut a year ago and now to be selected for a World Cup it’s an honour and a great feeling.

Have the little things been really surreal since the call-up?

Yeah, it’s a crazy position to be in. You always dream about playing for England and to be here amongst all the lads and the manager and be part of the World Cup, it really is a dream come true.

How do you pack for six weeks away?

I’ve got to make sure my toothbrush and toothpaste is there. You need to keep yourself entertained. I’ll take my PlayStation and enjoy myself with the lads. We have a bit of banter on Fortnite so that’s good.

What’s your sneaker collection like and what will your World Cup rotation be like?

I’m wearing Nike Air VaporMax Plus now. I’ve not had a pair like these on since I was about sixteen but I’m delighted to have a pair on now and they’re really comfortable. I’ll definitely get a few pairs of these.

Trippier England Essentials_0003_Trippier002.jpg

What are the essentials that you’ll take wardrobe-wise?

Obviously, we’ll get some free time out there so I’ll take some leisure wear with me and try and play a bit of golf out there with the lads. There’ll be a course somewhere, surely...

There’s a lot of downtime on international duty so how will you spend it aside from golf of course?

We’ll go out for dinner, go to the cinema, and most of the boys play PlayStation so that’s a lot of banter and kills most of the time.

What was it like for you watching England as a kid? Did you have the kit? Did you watch the games with everyone huddled around the TV?

Yeah at my parent's house we’d always go there and Gary Neville’s from Bury so I used to always watch him. It’s a great feeling to be in the position they were in.

Trippier England Essentials.jpg

How many pairs of boots will you take with you to Russia?

I’m not a fussy guy. You get some players who take a lot of pairs but I think maybe four will do me, but really I could just go with the one pair.

Have you added any custom elements to them either internally or externally?

Just my son’s name and his date of birth. That was a very proud moment for me.

You’ve been training in the Nike "Just Do It" pack ahead of the tournament. Like them?

I like the colour of course. Obviously, the Nike "Just Do It" pack stands out and I’m a Tottenham boy so I’m happy with the colour and they feel great.

Trippier England Essentials_0004_Trippier001.jpg

Will you be doing anything special to mark the World Cup occasion? You’ve already got some tattoos are you going to add to the collection or do something different? 

If we win it I’ll get a tattoo, but just being there is an amazing feeling and to have some family out there too. For my parents to be able to see their son at a World Cup is an amazing feeling.

It’s a huge moment for all the people around you and the coaches who helped to develop your career. Have you already started getting loads of messages of congratulations and good luck? 

Yeah, all my old coaches and all my friends and family are absolutely delighted so it’s just an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to get started.

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Photography by Martyn Ewoma for SoccerBible.