Having created swell with the #DrogbaChallenge Afro B's track 'Joanna' has gone from the UK to the Ivory Coast and with Didier Drogba getting involved himself, we sat down to chat the big moves that have made massive numbers.

Firstly, let’s talk football - just how big is it for you and your life?

"Match of the Day is an every weekend motive! I make sure all-important matches are recorded on my Sky Box or I just watch the highlights on Match of the Day. I used to play for my local football team, Valley Park Rangers, alternating from the right or left back position. Additionally, I played for my secondary school team, St Pauls Academy in the same position."

Is the response you’ve seen from this a result of what happens when you bring football and music together?

"The popularity of the sport has definitely had an impact on the song. People that wouldn’t necessarily listen to this type of music are keener to hear it, especially those who are attached to the team, football player or the country. The football theme allows them to relate to the song."

What led to the Drogba version of the track? Where did the inspiration come from?

"I have a great deal of pride of where I’m from; mentioning Drogba’s reflects that I’m proud to be an Ivorian living the UK. My mood that day and the vibe in the studio inspired me to make the song."

You’ve already reached Drogba with the track, before we get into that, tell us about the man himself. What does he mean to you?

"Drogba is an icon in my country, Ivory Coast. He’s had an impact on every club team he has joined, creating and scoring important goals in big matches. He goes beyond being a football player, opening schools in Africa, charity work and promoting peace. Drogba is an excellent role model!"

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Tell us about the dance and the moves - where do they come from?

"The dance moves consists of a lot of footwork in conjunction with hand and arms movements. All the dances come from Africa. Waist movements, Azonto, Gwara Gwara and Shaku Shaku are the most popular dances at the moment."

Did you have an aim when you set out the challenge or expect it to do what it has?

"The aim of the dance challenge was the build awareness around the song and to get as many people from different worlds involved. I didn’t anticipate the speed at which the song is spreading around the world. It went viral the second day of the launch."

It’s caught fire now and racking up millions of views. How surreal is that?

"It still hasn’t hit me yet. However, I do believe it will feel surreal when I perform the song in different parts of the world, especially America because I’ve always wanted to make a name for myself out there."

The challenge - what’s the response been like? There’s so many people picking up the challenge...

"The response has been crazy! Its hitting places I didn’t think would ever hear or know about my music. Over 2000+ #DrogbaChallenge dance video submissions on instagram, that’s the minimum number."

Global too, how far have you seen the views stretch?

"The song is reaching places like India, Hong Kong and countries in South America. Places where the genre Afrobeats isn’t in the limelight as much."

And the man himself - Drogba - How much of an icon is he to the people of the Ivory Coast?

"Ivorians always value people that shine the torch for the country; Drogba is holding the biggest torch at the moment with his achievements and his good deeds. He's showing Ivory Coast in a positive light and will always be respected because of this."

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What was your reaction like when you saw Drogba had heard it or better yet was singing along?

"I watched it over a thousand times, to see an icon from country sing along to a song I’ve made was really heart warming and motivating too. It showed me that the work I’ve been putting in is paying off and I must continue because I’m closer to the goals set."

Do you think the World Cup is going to miss the presence of the Ivory Coast this summer?

"I’m sure the World Cup would miss the Ivory Coast presence. We have a lot of good big name players in the team but unfortunately when we play as a collective it doesn’t quite work all the time."

How will you make sure you enjoy the World Cup, even though Ivory Coast aren’t in it?

"The World Cup happens once in a while so I have to enjoy it whilst it happens; it’s a period that brings unity, which is a beautiful. That is one of the aims of my song, giving the world an insight of African culture and allowing them to get involved in it through dancing and singing along."

Will you be supporting another team or any players in particular at the World Cup?

"I’ll be supporting France, Nigeria and England."