Taking his place inside SoccerBible Magazine Issue 4 - the 'Mavericks & Disruptors' issue - we met up with former Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger to chat about his troubled past off the pitch and how he aims to turn things around at last chance saloon.

“I need this season it's my biggest yet, I'm not getting any younger so it's make or break.” That's what Nile told us as we sat down with him for Monday morning tea and cake at MADD Hatter's Cafe, London. It's now or never for Ranger. He was once highly rated youngster leading the line at Newcastle United in the Premier League, scoring at Stamford Bridge and representing England at youth level but Ranger's career has been littered with off-pitch controversy and at the age of 24 his career hangs in the balance. Ranger's ability has never been doubted, but for managers he's seen as a risk and risks in football are expensive.

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As it stands Ranger is contracted to Blackpool, a club struggling on and off the pitch with financial difficulties and a squad in desperate need of goals but Ranger is nowhere near the squad and once again it's not his ability that's the problem, it's a lack of trust from the club influenced by his off-field antics so he's keeping fit in London.

He's had numerous run-ins with the law, managers and clubs but now he thinks all that is behind him, the penny has dropped and he's beginning to appreciate that playing professional football is a very short career. The ultimate disruptor for all the wrong reasons and that makes Nile Ranger the perfect story to tell for Issue 4.

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Nile spoke to us at ease about his problems from ignoring advice given by Kevin Nolan at Newcastle to the temptaions of money, girls and gambling. Controversy has followed him like a shadow but he's prepared to move on as he perfectly puts, “I've had more lives than a cat. I've had so many chances and I think I've got one more and when it comes I'm going to grab it with both hands, I'll take it.”

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