With the season underway, a Champions League playoff looming and a smart new adidas kit in tow, we spoke to Manchester United talisman and creative midfielder Juan Mata about life at Old Trafford.

So Juan, did you enjoy your summer - did you go away at all?

Yeah, very good summer, thank you. I had a few weeks holiday and tried to relax and visit my family, just chill a bit and then getting ready for the season.

How was pre­-season for you?

It was good, as you know, we went to the States, we did a tournament which I think was good. Not just in terms of results but in terms of physically, I think we're ready and fit for the new season.

We're inside Old Trafford and you can see plenty of adidas branding around. You've had a relationship with adidas for sometime now. Were you excited when you heard the news of their deal with the club?

I was, it's a massive change for the club and especially adidas and I think it's a good match for both. This is an amazing club and adidas is an amazing brand so hopefully it will bring us a lot of luck into the next season.

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What do you make of the new kits?

I like them, they're traditional and have a little bit of an old retro style. I really like them.

In the process of a new kit coming along, how early do you and the rest of the players get to see it?

We did a photoshoot a few months ago so I guess around February or March earlier this year. We're obviously not allowed to take photos and you just have to see it, try it on and that's it. I think it's been a good campaign to show the world how this club is changing.

Like you say it takes a lot of inspiration from kits of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, what do you remember of those kits?

Now with the launch, we've seen a lot of photos for example of Bryan Robson – a legend, and the kit when he was wearing it and it was adidas. I really like the retro style in everything, not just football so it matches what I like.

It's a retro kit but you're wearing very modern boots, what do you think of the latest additions to the boot world from adidas?

They're good, there's been a lot of change there aswell with adidas moving from a range of different styles to two and they're nice. I'm very happy with the new boots, they've very comfortable.

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There seems to be a lot of positive momentum at the club, from pre­season through to new players signing now the adidas launch – can you feel that around the place?

Yeah, I feel so, especially in the last two years, the club is changing. After the Ferguson era obviously looking for a new manager, with Louis Van Gaal, signing with a new brand, signing new players – I think it's a massive step in the club and a big change; hopefully it's going to be very positive. This club has always been fighting for titles and that's the thing we have to do and want to do in this new era.

It's a club of much culture, this city is drenched in it too. Do you feel at home in Manchester now?

I feel very good, yeah. It's been a year and half since I joined and I feel very, very happy here in the city. The fans in the streets have been very warm to me, the welcome was amazing and they always show me their love so it's a privilege to be here.

We've got a lot of time for the blog you do, it's a unique thing for players to interact with fans like that...

Yeah, it started because one day I realised that maybe I can do something to get in contact with the fans in some way. That's why I did it and it became very popular and it's good for both me and the fans. For me it's good to try and explain what a professional football players life is about.

With the city in mind, are there places you like to go and hang out and spend your time?

Yeah, I have a relaxed lifestyle. I train, then have lunch and rest but I spend a lot of time in the city visiting different places, I really like it. It has a very pretty English style, there are quite a few places I really like, for example the Northern Quarter is very nice, the Whithworth Gallery is a great place to go and I think you can find a lot of places to enjoy away from football.

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You're a creative player with a creative mind, do you take inspiration from places outside football like that?

I need it, it's good to stay away from football sometimes otherwise you get too much pressure and too much football into your mind and I don't think that's good or positive for your performances so I try, when I have time off to relax, to stay away from football by doing different things and it helps.

Old Trafford, now dressed with the adidas branding, you've played in some of the most incredible stadiums in the world, is it still surreal to be playing here?

This is a very special venue. You can feel it, both when it's empty and even more when it is full. All those people supporting you and rooting for the club, it's amazing. I feel very lucky to be here and play in front of all these people.

How have the new players settled into the club?

Yeah, they have settled in well. They are of course all different personalities and ages and at different points in their careers but they are all great players. For example Schneiderlin, he knows the Premier League having been at Southampton for a few years so he knows how to play in England – he's a very good guy. Schweinsteiger, obviously, captain of Germany, captain of Bayern Munich – a very experienced player and sure, they both bring a lot of good things in the midfield. Memphis Depay is a young talent with a bright future. Matteo Darmian young as well and a very complete player, so we're definitely signing some great players.

With the season ahead, what would you personally like to achieve this season?

Personally, I always want to grow to become a better player and try to help the team as much as I can and obviously try to fight for titles. We have to be there. You see this club, the players and the squad we have – we have to play good football to fight for the titles and for me, it would be amazing to win the Premier League here for this club. It has to be such a unique experience.

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