Welcome to Austin’s biggest backyard, home of the Verde. This is the Q2 Stadium, a 20,738 capacity soccer-specific stadium that opened in June 2021 and arriving as one of three new venues debuting in MLS this season.

The state of Texas boasts 13 professional sports teams, but none come with as much hype and excitement as Austin FC. The club has drawn positive headlines for many reasons since the start of the season, including being the 27th franchise in Major League Soccer, along with the announcement of Matthew McConaughey as a minority owner (and head cheerleader it would seem!). But all of that is underpinned by the opening of their new home, the Q2 Stadium.

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Constructed through a series of obstacles, including but not limited to global pandemics and unseasonal and unexpected snowstorms that brought historic low temperatures and a reported 6.4 inches of snow on Valentine’s Day — the fourth-largest amount in the city’s history – the stadium was finally completed in time for its first event on 16 June, 2021, an international friendly between the United States women's national team and Nigeria. 

That wintery weather, which lasted for a record five straight days, is obviously unusual for the state capital; during the summer months the sun sends temperatures to truly uncomfortable levels. With that in mind, the club worked extensively with the contractors to develop a canopy that covers a large number of seating areas and has four open corners to allow ample flow of natural air, adding a unique characteristic to the stadium, adding to its personality.

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The luscious green grass of the playing surface extends naturally into the seating, encapsulating the ‘Verde’ reputation of the side. 

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Before and after matches, fans come together in the multiple, landscaped outdoor spaces which surround Q2 Stadium, including an outdoor amphitheater and stage for live music.

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Photography by Trevor Paulhus for SoccerBible.