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Residence #41 | 'Orlando City Stadium' Orlando City SC

While the perfect football atmosphere is subject to interpretation, the Orlando City stadium is a setting that shines out from the rest. Detailed over and designed with a creative eye from corner to corner, it has been inspired by those party pitches around the globe that produce an unrivaled aura of energy.

Taking a good look around one of the newest homes to MLS football this stadium stands out as a truly bespoke arena with a progressive atmosphere and powerful message. From the outset the low slanted roof, which has been architecturally implemented solely to keep the sound in, shows you this is a place that has been designed and thought out in every aspect.

Orlando City Stadium_0033__MG_7587.jpg

With a capacity of 25,500, the Orlando City stadium has gone for quality over quantity. Never an empty seat in sight, it’s about catering for the fans and creating the greatest match day experience. Finer details include a safe-standing section that also has a ‘smoke-device area’. So where many clubs are being forced to curb the fans’ enthusiasm, Orlando City have embraced a flair-filled game and offered a space where the pyro party can go off in a safe and secure way.

Orlando City Stadium_0028__MG_7598.jpg

With supreme pride, there is a permanent tribute of 49 rainbow seats that represent the victims and families of those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016. The club motto; "inclusive, diverse and welcoming community” stands tall here as the stadium is a symbol of a city that is built on eclectic strength.

Orlando City Stadium_0031__MG_7591.jpg

Punching heavy purple scenes, there’s no shortage of colour while there is plenty of passion on show at the Orlando City Stadium. It’s a place of football pilgrimage and a new way of thinking. You can expect the noise especially with one end dubbed ‘The Wall’ as a homage to Borussia Dortmund’s famous Yellow Wall. This is where ‘The Ruckus’ supporters club live. In fact, the design of this end was also largely inspired by Stoke City’s Victoria Ground. Owner of the club Phil Rawlins grew up watching Stoke and it’s a subtle homage to a place he fell in love with the game.

A look behind the scenes as features in SoccerBible Magazine Issue 9, you can pick up a copy here.


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