adidas have shared some of the first stages in their journey towards creating the ACE15.1 silo. By unveiling a number of their initial design sketches adidas show the many stages of development and prototypes produced within the design stage of a new football boot.

Early focus was placed on a soleplate that offered players a new level of control over the ball, bringing a sense of futsal or street football-style touch when manipulating the ball with the bottom of the shoe. Adidas explained that early testing showed that batches of secondary traction studs under the forefoot delivered exactly that performance, and from there it was about refining that system with athlete feedback.

The ACE 15’s original concept was to include an air mesh base with a 3D material layered on top to give both comfort and contact with the ball. That concept came to life with the CONTROL WEB across the forefoot of the boot, that won’t impede the natural motions of the foot but will create contact on the ball. Whilst the bold branding and high collar aren’t on the final model, the DNA of the boot was consistent throughout its development.

Take a full look at the final adidas ACE15.1 model here and let us know your thoughts.