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Video | Designing The German & Argentinian adidas World Cup Jerseys

Video introduces adidas designers Christian and Martin who are responsible for the German and Argentinan World Cup Jerseys To Be Worn In Brazil This Summer.

Designing football jerseys for a World Cup is a very rewarding but also challenging job. This video introduces you to two adidas designers Christian (responsible for the German World Cup jersey) and Martin (responsible for the Argentinian jersey). Both take care of their own nation's jerseys.

A lot of action takes place behind the scenes at adidas Global HQ. Ahead of the World Cup adidas have opened their doors to let us have a peak at all the various workflows behind the sports industry. The video is part of a series of clips portraying employees from behind the scenes of adidas Football including eleven key players from the adidas Innovation Team, Football Design, Sports Marketing, Athlete Services, Football Product Management and more.


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