A player who has earned the respect of the world for his unquestionable contribution game, Didier Drogba took to the field for one last time of this regular USL season after already appearing 21 times for the club he co-owns, Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising are a team in the top league of the USL matches like this one, see themselves go toe-to-toe with the likes of Portland Timbers 2. Fighting for a strong finish to the regular season with this match up, it's with the playoffs looming that this finale to the regular season started to bring down the curtain. While Drogba has yet to retire, the club have made no secret by honouring his time on the pitch while he's still playing. This game would see Phoenix Rising concede a single 85th minute goal to lose the game however while the pitch was damp, the spirits weren't. Off the pitch, they're building something here and with names like Diplo, Drogba and Shaun Wright-Phillips involved, the vibrant fans are part of one hell of an on pitch dinner party.

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The impact Drogba has had wherever he has played has been. A 40-year-old centre forward still giving it his all, he's part of an uprising and positive swell that surrounds football in the States right now. What's more, scoring 14 goals in 22 games, he's clearly still got that fire in the tank that has seen him hit the net wherever he has been. A force for good too, the buzz that he has created around Phoenix Rising is also something you can't help but warm too. Champions League winner, Premier League title triumph, international icon and for Phoenix Rising fans, a man of the people.

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Despite losing this game, Phoenix Rising has done enough this season to secure a playoff spot so this may not be the last time we see Drogba in a Phoenix Rising shirt or out on that pitch though while the moments are there, it is something to savour. A supreme champion still with eyes on the silverware, Phoenix Rising will go again with Portland Timbers 2 in their first-round playoff game. One to note down in the history books too - the fixture, which is on 19th Oct, will be the clubs first ever home playoff game. Expect plenty of flair, ideal for a Friday night.

Photography by Grace Stufkosky for SoccerBible