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Framed #74 | Real Madrid vs PSG

Bringing glamour-tie game to the Last 16 of the Champions League, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain squared up in a battle of footballing celebrity status at the Bernabeu on Wednesday night.

The heavyweight holders versus the kings of new-era cool with a Nike Mercurial launch takeover thrown in for good measure. This is the A-list fixture Nike had in mind when they scheduled the Mercurial 2018 launch for February. The return of the knockout stages with Real Madrid taking on PSG in a red carpet clash. Ronaldo vs Mbappe and Neymar. Three Mercurial icons going head-to-head in the first Superfly showdown on the biggest stage.

Jared Martinez went behind the lens to document the scenes as Real Madrid drew first blood with a 3-1 lead to take to Paris next month. That man CR7 with a brace, but you already knew that.

16-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 27-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg
24-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 28-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg
29-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 35-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg
41-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 34-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg
33-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 944-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg
38-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg 30-real-madrid-psg-framed.jpg

Photography by Jared Martinez for SoccerBible.


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