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Atlanta United | BTS at the 'Children's Healthcare' Training Ground

The football training ground is a holy place, saved usually only for exclusive eyes as the location in which players are developed and is kept under lock and key and out of sight. In the case of Atlanta United however, having opened their new facility, this look behind the scenes shows just how sharp a game they're bringing to the table.

With an enviable place to play and study the game, this facility is in every way, elite. Walking out from the contemporary buildings out onto the pristine pitches you can go from gym to the grass in an open plan fashion and positively doing things their own way, the various vantage points and perfect blades of grass make for utter viewing pleasure.

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State of the art and building for the future, this is where both first team and academy players will house themselves when in training. The other place they will call home is the colossal 'Mercedes-Benz Stadium'.

A club on an elevated transition that perhaps personifies where the MLS is right now, the domination of football in America is just around the bend, surely.

Photography by Atlanta Utd


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