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Capeless Crusaders | 'Moonbeam & Moonchester' Manchester City

Two space-sized characters with smiles that stretch from Stockport to Simister, Moonbeam and Moonchester are a pair of intergalactic giants. Faces that step out in front of the Etihad faithful, they're big and round and cover provide plenty of visual sound.

You'd struggle to miss these two on a match day for sure. Painting the perfect picture of mascot eccentricity, the question is not so much "why?" but more of a "why not?". A modern day mascot invented purely to engage with a younger audience in providing entertainment, they'd be right at home on one of the many kids TV programmes that opt for a fluffy faced central protagonist. For the older crowd too, you can't help but enjoy their get ups. Especially Moonchester, with his Nike Mercurial Superfly donned all day.

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The size of this couple of playmakers is quite the sight. Huge ears and space aged get ups, they've of course landed in from the Blue Moon  a link back to one of the more iconic club anthems Man City fans hold dear. A well thought out marketing must-have or loveable rogues on show to bring out a smile, it doesn't matter. They're brass and they're brilliant. Suited and styled  we like 'em.

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This feature was taken from SoccerBible Magazine Issue 7: 'Northern Quarters' available here.

Photography by Ben Oldham for SoccerBible.


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