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Ross Cooke Presents Stockport County Classic Football Shirts

While the contemporary football shirt is engineered and drenched in elite level innovation, the tired and weary wonders of a retro kit sits as strong as ever in an archive of nostalgia. A series of triumphant shots, Ross Cooke takes us to Stockport County to celebrate shirts from days gone by.

Edgeley Park is the location to which photographer Ross Cooke took these classic football shirt gems. Home to Stockport county, there's no better place to showcase a collection of heritage might. Shapes and sights, they are kits well worn that shape up nicely with jeans. Off the pitch wears for the wise, this look book goes in and around the stadium both complimenting one another hand in hand.

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Flavoursome, a buttoned collar is something of a rarity these days but there's of course still room for it. Stockport has its place in the echelons of history as the club reworks their future, the beauty of this set of images goes to show that every single club has a story and from beginning to middle to end. From the beautifully raw stadia to the stadiums to the super tailored arenas, the mixed fortunes of football celebrated in equal measure is delightful from the sidelines.

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You can see more great work from Ross, here.


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