Never to be taken for granted, the strength of bold and beautiful photography that captures a feeling, especially when it crosses over into the football world, is to be celebrated.

The work of Ross Cooke is very much that. Bringing home an astute collection of photos in his series entitled 'North', he's not only grabbed a stunning postcard glimpse of Burnley's Turf Moor but he's taken in everything stunning about the history of football in England.

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Raw though marvelously precise all the same, without using people he's captured the feeling we all share about the game. The pre-match build up, the walk up to our individual mecca's, the surrounding area of a traditional stadium that is backed onto by terraced housing - that moment when the back of a stand glances over an impending rooftop - it is all very real, all very genuine. Utterly tremendous, Ross's work is well worth getting drawn into, here.