The undeniable bond we bridge with our favourite football shirts is truly unique. They stand as an outward reflection of who we are while offering a slice of who we support. With a streetwear wardrobe accommodating our favourite polyester piece of perfection, this photography series by Emanuele Ferrari brings a collection of shirts together with 35mm fashion.

With both a gloss and a grain, this panini sticker-like collection of shots puts the shirts front and centre though the provocative nature of the composition adds some depth and character. Looking at that Manchester United shirt in particular, it's a time capsule of an era in which the club reigned supreme whilst with Umbro. I mean come one, it had a zip as part of its collar after all.

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This styled drop of images is perhaps fitting for a week which saw Kendall Jenner leave the gym sporting a classic Kappa Italy warm up jacket. Just a decade ago, the club kit would be a piece of clothing to restrict pub or club entry. In the contemporary game though, it's prime.

Photography by Emanuele Ferrari for nss magazine.