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Go See F.C. by Tom Andrew

Using creative talents to blend seamlessly into the football world is a charter well sailed and this project from Tom Andrew, that combines fashion, football and photography is a champion of that.

As models came to see Tom for various photography projects his desire to unify them in a collective fashion as a sideline project is one that ushers football into fresh, conceptual places. With abstract hues and a bolt of blue, not to mention a dynamite Olympiacos shirt, it's a project of multiple layers of good.

Some description

As Tom exaplains, "I had a selection of models coming to meet with me for up coming jobs, known as "go see's". I realised eleven models were due to visit over the next couple of days, giving me the idea to base the project on a football team. I chose to use the shirt of the Greek team Olympiacos, as I intended to explore poses similar to olympians, replicated in ancient grecian sculpture. I gave very little direction, just showing each of them an image of a different statue, letting them replicate it, to allow their own interpretation and personality to show through. Working with hair stylist David Wadlow, we looked to create an individual character for each of the models, while relating it to footballers hair styles from various eras. The final element was to frame them, in a homage to the collectable football sticker."

A project of sheer appreciation that offers inspiration all round, it shows what can be done when football doesn't stand still. Always thinking, always creating - it's a winner.

See more to Tom's work, here.


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