Local pride and the passion for your club is something truly personal to each and every fan. To some it means everything, others not so much. While we had Manchester United beating Manchester City and Newcastle holding Sunderland, West Yorkshire had it's own territorial showdown on offer.

Captured by Robbie Jay Barratt, this first instalment capturing the West Yorkshire derby between Leeds United and Huddersfield Town looks at those build up moments before a game. The jovial spirit and lifeblood in which football is supported by such colourful foundations of strength, it will always be the fans that give the game the life it deserves.

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Very much about the people who make the party, outside Elland Road is a metropolis of pure football. Leeds a club not short of problems, its fans continue to show their pride. From badges to programme sellers via that smokey whiff of Bovril that is synonymous with football, the atmosphere is very much captured. Outside the stadium a buzz of foreboding excitement, it's one where the anticipation simmers.

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Standing the test of time, those pin badges eh ― an almighty collection. Don't let 'em die out.

Photography: Robbie Jay Barratt x SoccerBible