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"The Athlete's Plane" By Nike & Teague

Seattle-based design firm Teague have joined forces with Nike to develop a plane specially designed to carry professional athletes.

Remember this next time six of you are squeezed into the back of your mates van on the way to football next Sunday and think, I probably should have trained harder. Where a standard jet is focused on packing in as many people as efficiently possible and can hold between 100 & 400 passengers, the Nike Jet is designed to cater for around 13-20 people allowing the guys at Teague a whole lot of free space to awesome-ise it.

Studies show that athletes who cross more than three timezones end up with a 60% chance of losing their game so Nike have worked on a way of dramatically reducing that percentage. The standard rows of seats are replaced with distinct zones dedicated to specific actions: sleeping, socialising, recovery, and nutrition. The seating zone features seats labeled with player numbers and flyknit privacy canopies that can easily accommodate a 6 foot 4 centre half or seven foot basketball player laying flat. Freeing up all that room eliminates the need to store cargo below the plane, instead this space is used for celebrating victories and a recovery area for massages.

All the tech on board is used to track a players' physical state, right up to design features such as high-tech urinals that measure hydration levels and feed information to the seat-back screens, alerting players that they’re in need of a drink. Just another reason why being a professional athlete is the best job in the world.


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