With a focus on upcycling and sustainability, creative collective Equipo FC have produced a summer shirts collection, reworking old kits to give them a new life as button-down options.

Equipo FC specialise in taking old kits that are no longer in use or that have suffered some kind of damage and giving them a new life, notably in a partnership with Patterns of Play where they reworked them as Bags for Life. Ahead of the Copa Del Rey final this year, they produced a custom button-down shirt for Hector Bellerin, created from the shirt of the last Betis title. And this got their creative minds ticking towards a wider collection.

Now, Equipo FC present a capsule of 10 button down custom creations, reworking a range of football shirts from teams such as Barcelona, Liverpool, Inter Milan, Arsenal, PSG, Betis and Eintracht Frankfurt. Each shirt has been tailor-made and designed to maintain the original characteristics, adding details about the club to which they belong, making them a collector's item. 

And they’re not stopping there either; there’s also the option to send any shirt to Equipo FC for them to customise it and turn it into your favourite summer shirt. Sorted.

equipo 4-min.jpg
equipo 10-min.jpg
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Shop the full summer shirts collection at tienda.equipofc.com