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Special PSG Photobook By Julien Scussel Released

With premium levels set to high, New York City-based book publisher and lifestyle company Assouline has released a new photography book on Paris Saint-Germain, shot by photographer Julien Scussel over a six year period.

For six years, photographer Julien Scussel has had unprecedented access to PSG and its players, and the result has now been unveiled, with a beautifully constructed behind-the-scenes vision of one of the biggest clubs in world football. It’s a one-of-a-kind book that brings together a series of shots that are a step above traditional sports photos. Only problem? It’s limited to 1000 copies and will set you back in excess of a cool grand.

But the book is spectacular in its presentation. International football icon Pelé is alongside French author and screenwriter David Foenkinos — a loyal supporter of the club — to introduce and unveil faces and bodies that evoke all sorts of emotions page after page. From Paris and New York to Tokyo and Doha, there’s a host of stars featured that have contributed to the club’s fame, including the likes of Beckham, Ibrahimović, Cavani, Neymar Jr., Messi, Mbappé and many, many more.

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David Foenkinos, who narrates the book, observed: “The project promises to be a long-term insight. Of course, players are often photographed – at this level of fame, most of their life becomes public. But here, the project is unique because of its artistic purpose; some shots offer a close-up look, just like a painting, while we can also see the incredible details from big pictures. We can clearly feel that the photographer is driven by a constant quest for the ideal lighting, like great Renaissance painters. There is inspiration from Géricault and Rembrandt in the use of chiaroscuro. In some photos, players even nod to a form of mythology. Julien Scussel is mindful of bodies and veins like the sculptures of the Olympus Gods.

A premium way to view the club that has carved a reputation as an icon of contemporary culture, a club of the new generation, which shines beyond the football field. Quite the coffee table piece, if you have a spare €1,050 burning a hole in your pocket.

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