The all encompassing beautiful game is ever growing in strength. Issue 3, 'The Futures Issue' features a raft of exquisite design from some of the finest illustrators and designers around who share our passion.

Taking the theme, we teamed up with a number of fine creative folk offering an open brief. Each designer undertook a future element of the game, blueprinting through expression, the direction the game may well take.

Designers of our limited edition cover, ilovedust contributed with 'Badges of the Future' - a tongue in cheek look at what might happen should teams give in to the lucrative commercial deals that come knocking for the game's elite. As well as that, the stunning Maldini inspired '3' on the inside cover as the deconstruction of the limited edition cover.

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Matt Pascoe
created 'The Future Player' - a fantastic exploration into the make up of the players for years to come, Matt maps out various technical introductions as well as posing a thought provoking question - Will Men and Women ever play on the same teams?

Ben O'Brien, also known as 'Ben The Illustrator' took an abstract look at the design of the 'Stadium of the Future'. A free thinking idea, it's a creation of great inspiration.

A side we all hold a soft spot for, we enlisted acclaimed designer Angelo Trofa to come up with a 'Kit of the Future'. Fueled by trends seen in other sports as well as textile trends from other industries (notably NASA), the kits introduce an all in one approach, suggesting what players could be wearing in 2025.

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With art and design underpinning the quality of Issue 3, 'The Futures Issue' has been crafted with the appreciator of the beautiful and cultured side of the game in mind. Fronted by one of the world's most innovative players who punches stacks of character, Neymar, Issue 3 is available globally both in store and online. You can pear inside the magazine here.

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