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On Sale Now: SoccerBible Magazine Issue 11

In stores and online, the latest issue of the SoccerBible Magazine is available now. A diverse 215-page summer essential, we cross music and fashion with football. Putting tactics aside, this is the art of culture.

An issue that spans the world with a global perspective, our cover star and proclaimed Godfather of Grime, Wiley, speaks openly and honestly about his world and where football pierces his imagination. Ensuring the soundtrack is strong this summer, we also go into exclusive detail with MIST, Conducta and Yungen.

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With a strong taste, we take in half time snacks from around the world and bring big fashion with Delada, Machine-A and the ladies of PSG. On the pitch, Everton's Tom Davies is dressed in adidas Gosha and backed by the Liverpool skate suppliers, Lost Art. Comparing those of 1966 to today's modern player, we look at the physical dynamic of Bobby Moore and Harry Kane.

Maximillion Cooper of Gumball Rally give us his story on a Chelsea love-in and what it's like to party in North Korea. A real coming together of cultures, it goes from Cooper to Celtic's Karamoko Dembélé, as the 15-year-old wonderkid speaks to us in his first ever interview. We bring you our take on what's in store in Russia this summer. We also sit down with Virgil Abloh's Russian rapper L'One.

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We journey through the controversial back story of how Russia found itself hosting the World Cup. David Daly gives us our "Moment That Changed The World", detailing Nike's first moves into the football world in 1994. Topping it off, the words of Gwendolyn Oxenham bring us the reality of the women's game and gives us a glimpse into a world where grit and determination come before any glamour. 

Pick up the latest issue of SoccerBible Magazine in stores now. Don't want to hit high streets? Head here and get a copy delivered to your door.


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