The Football Crest Index is an independent publication that champions the artistic side of the game. Building on their hugely successful first volume, the team have returned in search of a follow up that focuses on the Serie A.

Documenting the rich history behind the crests of the greatest clubs in world football, the book has gained attention as it delves into the rich history of each crest and the evolution of its design throughout the clubs history. After the success of the first volume covering the 47 clubs to have graced the Premier League, Serie A is the next league in focus.

Listening to their audience, it was a Twitter poll that helped shaped the future direction for the index with many supporters of the project opting for Serie A as the next destination for the creative team to get to work... and so they have. Producing a sample of what is to come, it's another project that is running through Kickstarter and creating a community in the process.

Football Crest Index Italy_0008_T2_Spread_Bologna F.C. 1909.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0009_T2_Spread_ACMilan.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0007_T2_Spread_CalcioCatania.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0006_T2_Spread_HellasVerona.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0005_T2_Spread_Juventus.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0004_T2_Spread_Lazio.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0003_T2_Spread_Napoli.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0002_T2_Spread_Parma.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0001_T2_Spread_Pisa.jpg
Football Crest Index Italy_0000_T2_Spread_VicenzaCalcio.jpg

Ensuring the book comes with a tailored treatment and a rich execution, the team behind the project have pulled together 34 new designers to represent each club in the book. Each spread will feature an exclusive, original piece of artwork which that designer feels represents the clubs identity.

You can see more about the project, back it and help it come to fruition, here.