FC Porto are a club that surround themselves with creative excellence. Inviting illustrators to design external facing panels around the stadium, this puts the work of Rui Canedo in the spotlight.

A city that offers one delicious backdrop of sunshine, they're a club of bright thinkers that bring a level of quality to proceedings. Inviting designers to visually represent what the club is about, the club offered several talented people the chance to illustrate a panel each that would stand proud decorating the Estádio do Dragão - the home of FC Porto.

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Rui Canedo was one of those designers. Bringing a palette of free flowing colour together, this on point piece washes the walls in vibrancy. Like a Dali delight it's dripping with style. Plenty of attitude and character on board too, these panels were put in place at the start of the season, recapturing the imagination of those fans that flock to show support to their treasured troop.

Again the art of curation standing tall as those the club trusted to produce the work to match their bench mark flourished. You can see more work by Rui, here. Typography - on point.