German based photographer captures spirit and style of the game while interweaving latest NikeFootballX collection.

When street style and football collide, the game moves into a space of brilliant creativity. When captured in equally fine fashion, everything moves up to a whole new level.

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André Josselin, a photographer from Cologne was on hand to lend his perspective on Nike's FootballX collection as he transferred his skills to the small-sided game. Doing justice to the high quality product being shot, we're appreciators of André's work and took the chance to ask him a couple of questions.

Can you tell us a bit about you as a photographer, how long have you been in the game?
"I have been taking pictures since 2011. Just started to shoot random things with the camera of my Dad. Since then I think I improved with every shoot I did, started to shoot Models and travel a bit to see different countries, cities and people. I really would love to do that the whole time. I am trying to capture natural moments and life in general. Girls, beaches, landscapes, of course soccer! Yeah so, I got a kinda huge fellowship at my social media accounts, so I think some companies and a lot of people recognized my pictures. It was a nice progress to develop my own style. I hope there’s more to come in the future."

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What team do you support?
"I am a huge Bayern Munich fan since i am 10yo I think. Mehmet Scholl was my favorite player, I loved his jersey with the number 7 on it. He was a free kick specialist and I always wanted to be like him. So yeah, Bayern Munich was my first choice, the first season I supported them, they were "just" 6th on the table."

The creative side of football is shifting in a good way, that must excite you as a creative?
"Yes, I think there’s a lot you can do to capture football in a creative way. For example the "One Night In Rio“ - pictures of my friend Paul Ripke. He captured the German national team at the world cup final in a documentary way, and its just so awesome. So real, emotional and sweeping. Would love to something like that some day. I think people love this personal look at the players really much. So they come close to the personality of their favorite. But also this whole heroic stuff is very nice, put the players on a godlike level. Great art."

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What do you think of the Nike Football style?
"I think it’s really modern and appealing to young soccer fans. I think Nike is THE soccer brand right now, good designs, nice color ways, good ideas. They are really going in the right direction. The way they capture and live the whole art form of soccer is really, really good. I hope I can help them out with some good pictures in the future."

See more work by André Josselin here. Pick up the new Nike FootballX collection from Nike stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.