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Southampton FC Collaborate With WHITEHYPE

Adding some expression and plenty of energy to the walls of Southampton's St Mary's Stadium, the club recently collaborated with south coast design studio WHITEHYPE. Producing a series of murals to dress the 'Family Concourse' area of the ground, they add a fresh aspect of all out creativity that moves away from the traditional white wash walls.

Several 'hero players' have been reworked in illustrated form for this project and with those celebration scenes brought into the equation, it adds a level of life to parts of a ground that can often fade into the background. Looking to engage with their younger fanbase, these designs most certainly spark the imagination.

Some description

An installation that paints the walls well, WhiteHype explained the background to the brief, "Southampton Football Club are passionate about their fans and their enjoyment of the whole match day experience, not just 90+ minutes of play. Whilst they want to engage and nurture existing fans, they also strive to entertain newcomers and young football fans that aren’t quite sure where their loyalties lie yet. With that in mind, we were asked to devise a concept to bring their family concourse to life." Most definitely fulfilling the brief, the player graphics in particular are fresh.

Some description

The 'We March On' mantra is something Southampton have pinned to the mast and by enlisting creative talent, this project shows the extra due care and attention that can often go unnoticed while it has a big impact on those who engage with it. Turn 'em into prints we say. A strong showing of where football crosses into a creative game.

You can see more from WhiteHype here. Their work on the Northam Walkway is also worth a look.


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