Bringing inspired shapes and an all round level of visual vibrancy to the Nike Football Training Centre in Soweto, South Africa the brand paired up with illustrator Karabo Poppy Moletsane for this mural.

A 200 metre hand-painted piece of work that spans the width of the training centre, it's a bespoke way of embracing local culture on the ground in South Africa. Made up of various trinkets that take inspiration from South African football culture, the designs cover everything from hair aesthetics through to football equipment and have been framed with traditional Ndebele patterns. The work of Karabo Poppy Moletsane has the ability to capture a lively sentiment and by applying her style to the game, it comes from an entirely fresh perspective and brings an authentic character of playful tastes.

Nike football mural south africa_0000_Rectangle 7.jpg

Once the ensemble of illustrations comes together with the Ndebele patterning, it bridges the world of football and traditional design with huge effect. It's a classic case of the more you look, the more you see. Keep your eyes out for the centre circles and corner markings in the middle of the design and the pentagon shapes that were used on the more traditional 70s and 80s style footballs. A party on the eye and a perfect way to celebrate a place where football means so much.

Nike football mural south africa_0006_Layer 1.jpg

You can see more of Karabo Poppy's work here.