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From The Mag | Issue '8' Illustration by VISLA

Taking pride of place at the front of SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8, the work of VISLA brings a series of illustrations inspired by people and players that are associated with the number. Heroes, icons and creators of a golden game, wrapped up in timeless fashion.

Drawing inspiration from all over, in total there were 38 illustrations that were created for this piece, including 23 players, all whom have worn the number 8 shirt. Not short in goalscoring style and midfield maestros this crafted piece of 2D minimalism has a raw though perfected feel and sits as comfortable in the very front of every SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8 as the number does in the centre of the park.

Some description

Stylised sophistication wrapping the game in design, VISLA is a Swedish artist who works out of Amsterdam. You can pick see more of his work here. From Davids and Desailly to Gascoigne and Gerrard – the number eight is strong, the number eight is an influencer. A heavy number that carries creative responsibilities. Creative responsibilities that VISLA has owned in a personalised style.

Pick up a copy of SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8 here.


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