Up and down the land of football, stickers, stamps, patches and badges line stadium surroundings. It could be argued that you can see how far a sides territory stretches by the club markings that wash the walls. With Premier League sides, that support reaches around the globe and notably, as football continues to gather momentum in the United States, supporters groups are a welcome tradition of the game.

In Washington, designer Eric Mann has been reworking iconic motifs to match the fans of Premier League sides on foreign shores. West Ham fans in Washington matched up with the Newcastle faithful in similar residence, Eric uses simple design tweaks across pin badges and iron patches that embrace the DIY nature of modern football.

DC United Supporters Groups_0003_Layer 4.jpg
DC United Supporters Groups_0000_Layer 5.jpg

The D.C. Hammers, an American based supporters group of West Ham United are an established group of supporters founded in 2013. While West Ham may have parted ways with their traditional badge, it has been adopted and reworked by Eric brilliantly. It's one of football's jewels that, despite any rebrand, will never fall a way.

DC United Supporters Groups_0004_Layer 1.jpg

Regardless of who you support, these are pretty tasty. Over land and sea and all that.