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Paris Saint-Germain v Man City | Match Designs

As PSG and Man City look to go toe-to-toe in the Champions League, the French giants have gone out into the illustrative world to champion the fixture. One that sees two colossal heavyweights go to town this week, it comes with huge anticipation.

Using animals with power and strength to characterise some of their leading names, PSG are certainly giving it a go. From Lions to Foxes, there's David Luiz through to Angel Di Maria - eyeing up the Semi-finals, both teams pack serious power across all areas of the pitch.

Some description

A fixture that brings the glory of the Champions League right to the front of the stage, it's a tournament that has the ability to shine for the neutral. Pick a side and dream of a perfect footballing battle, these sides both have it in 'em. Let's hope the first leg gets off to a pacey start.

Pick a side and get suited, here.


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