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Pantofola d'Oro Emidio Vitello Illustrated by Steph Morris

With the ability to mastermind the finer details of football with pencil in hand, these illustrations of the Pantofola d'Oro Emidio Vitello illustrated by Steph Morris elevate the cultured game to incredible places of intricacy.

With simply outstanding style, these boots alone are a crafted piece of work but when on paper, there's a whole new dimension that captures what both this brand and illustrator are about. No need for the bells and whistle of ever championed performance innovation, this is about bottling the spirit and capturing a heritage game.

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Appreciated from all angles, this artwork is enchanting. The detail lures you in unquestionably and it's a grafted celebration that throw up more treats with every glance. From the pinch perfect leather to the elasticated tongue, every inch is covered both up close and at distance. The Emidio Vitello itself symbolic of raw and natural beauty, very much tailored football that triumphs, this fine artistry celebrates that and more. No words will do it justice as this work sings for itself. Pure footballing glory at the fingertips of one incredibly talented illustrator.

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You can pick up a pair of the boots here, do check out Steph's work too.


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