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#ChampionsDraw by BT Sport | Round III

BT Sport unveil the 3rd round of their #ChampionsDraw project. Illustrations owning part of the limelight equally, it's a feast of well designed football on show.

With the premise as simple as ever, the designs that represent each fixture go head-to-heard to battle it out. The image that gets most likes across Instagram or Twitter sees the illustrator go through to the next round and with the tournament eyeing a conclusion around the corner the final stages are in sight.

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Entering the third round of the #ChampionsDraw, it's the quarter finals that these designs represent. Illustrations from Dave Will (Paris Saint-Germain v Manchester City), Dan Leydon (Wolfsburg v Real Madrid), Dave Merrell (Barcelona v Atletico Madrid) and Dave Flanagan (Bayern Munich v Benfica) take the stage.

The artist with the most votes across the two-legs will make it through to the next round of fixtures as they vie for a chance to design artwork for the UEFA Champions League final. The artwork can be voted for via @btsportfootball on twitter and @btsport on Instagram.


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