In bringing the creative side of the game to the fore, BT Sport have assembled a blossoming group of super talents that illustrate the game at fresh heights.

The premise of '#CHAMPIONSDRAW' is a brilliantly original one; while the next round on the pitch is settled by the respective teams, off the pitch these illustrations are competing for a knock out place of their own.

Each artist was given a set fixture to draw a commemorative poster for. At each round, the one that gets the least likes on Instagram gets the boot. Ruthless, especially as they are all at such a high standard,but it's a smart way to blend the budding world of art seamlessly to the game.
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Those first five to be unleashed from BT Sport have been designed by Dave Will (PSG v Chelsea), Dave Flanagan (Roma v Real Madrid), Dan Leydon (Juventus v Bayern Munich), Dave Merrell (Arsenal v Barcelona) and Scott McRoy (Dynamo Kyiv v Man City). An off the pitch tournament nicely alligned with the on the pitch coverage, hats off to all involved.

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