With the match day poster a common currency in the MLS, San Jose have taken a different route with their latest addition. Created by club kit man Eric Weber, it adds a personal touch at the heart of the club.

Celebrating a 20th anniversary, their match up versus D.C. United this weekend highlights two decades since the clubs inaugural MLS match win at the Spartan Stadium. Inspired by the mid-nineties, the club are looking to celebrate a pivotal moment in their history, inviting fans to dress with colour for the occasion.

Explaining how the idea came to fruition, Weber discussed the design with the club's website. "“Because it’s a throwback match, and considering how significant that day was, I started thinking of folklore, stained glass window theme,” Weber explained. “I was trying to get a bunch of different elements that didn’t just represent the game, but also represent the team and the area.

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“I have the stadium, the official MLS ball, the computer chips to represent Silicon Valley. I did the eagle wings because they played D.C. United, so it was a nod to the match. The Clash name came from the idea of the natural beauty of the area contrasting from the Silicon Valley technology and how they’re polar opposites. I had to add the scorpions, obviously.”

A smart way to bring on and off the pitch culture together, they've got themselves a multi-disciplined playmaker among their kit staff for sure. Check out more about the project here.