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Johan Cruyff by Yann Dalon

The passing of Johan Cruyff was a chance for the global game to unite in the name of a hero. A revolutionary that turned the game on its head, this tribute from Yann Dalon is one from the top drawer. A flair player showcased and celebrated

A flair player showcased and celebrated, Johan Cruyff has been a symbol for football greatness for decades. A marvel with ball at the feet his mind was a weapon of equalled strength. A victorious manager as well as member of the on pitch elite, his contribution to the game was truly unique. With the highest of respects, this tribute from Yann Dalon presents Cruyff with vocal vibrancy.

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A king among men, this goes the distance in depicting the characteristics of this player. A leader, creator and down right rock and roll royal. What a player.


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