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Non League Revolution: The creative support of Lewes FC

While the top flight woes of ever inflated ticket prices and silver service must-haves weave their way around the mega-money in football, those leagues just outside the professional game are working as hard as ever.

One club testament to that is Lewes FC. Their original thinking match day poster series may well be a long standing tip of the iceberg, but it shows where they are and what they stand for. A tailored approach fuelled by the passion of football, it's one club symbolic of many.

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While many are doing great things off the pitch, the creative thinking and rock and roll fanzined approach is clearly one that, although pushed down the leagues, is very much there. The collective appreciation and power to bring people together will always be football's greatest tool — hats off to those who harness it to create something good.

You can get down and get involved at Lewes FC for no more than £11. Write it off as hipster football if you will. For us though it's heroic independence. Take a look.


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