Carrying on in fine form, this concept of Rudi Gundersen simply aligns Wayne Rooney with the iconic 'Red Devils'. Minimalist style hitting maximum might, Wazza's got his angry eyes on.

In breaking down the process, you can see how the design progresses as the layers are added. Topping up the tan, the fire and the flames encapsulate old Wazza. Rudi's style used here simple but charming all the same, this piece is a nice little number that marks a player with a mountain of medals that continues to cause a stir.

Some description

Manchester United face Derby in the FA Cup tonight, with a lot riding on the fixture, it's going to be a chance for Rooney to stand up along with his team mates and indeed manager to face the music. Friday night under the lights, you can see more multi-disciplined work from Rudi Gundersen, here.