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'Dundee City' | a concept by Ryan McGinnis

Football is a game that sparks the imagination perhaps more than any other. The level of creativity off the pitch is thriving to great places. This concept, although unlikely, poses and interest question of 'What if?' in style.

The proposal of merging Scottish clubs Dundee and Dundee United is not a new idea by any means. Combining forces to create a stronger club on and off the pitch may be an idealistic view but to have the idea presented in such striking visual detail might give fans of each club some food for thought.

Some description

With the game being such a passionate hot bed of support, it's hard to imagine any club handing over its history for the sake of future legacy. The concept produced by Ryan McGinnis is served on a plate with the cleanest of deliveries - from initial branding that is inspired by each club, right through to kits and even further, on to advertising campaigns, it's a mighty fine collection of creatives. There's even a tasteful business card design thrown in there for good measure - one for the board of each clubs to warm the wallet perhaps.

Some description

Work like this is to be appreciated, the imagination spilling out into sophisticated places with the brand looking on point. Purely conceptual it's worth giving the full project a read through here. Hats off to Ryan for putting the hours in to simply pose the question, what if?


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