All about adidas' new brand communication, Sport 15, Ryan Morlan, Vice President of adidas Brand Communications, shares his insights on the brand's latest global campaign.

Kicking off what could be one of their most significant years yet in the ever fierce battle to be the world's number one sports brand, the three stripes recently launched their new global campaign for 2015, titled 'Sport 15'. Ryan Morlan, Vice President Brand Communications at adidas, is responsible for the films, the concept and the strategy behind it all.

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In the above interview, Ryan speaks about the marketing approach and message of 'Sport 15' as well as the role that the local adidas newsrooms will play in the global activations. Ryan also gives some personal insights into what for him constitutes good brand communication and how his own professional background and experience have helped to develop a communication strategy for Sport 15.

Check out what Ryan has to say in the video above and watch the full 'Sport 15' film here.